Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Culture Warrior

My dad is a culture warrior.  He looks for two things in politicians:

1)      They must be against abortion.
2)      They must be against same-sex marriage.

I was telling a young/hip couple from our church about my dad’s political philosophy.  I expected them to respond with something like, “Really?  That’s all he considers?”

Instead, the woman said, “Hey, those are pretty important things.  That sounds good to me.”

(My first vote was cast for this guy, way back in 1984.)


  1. Isn't it interesting that the Church of Christ moved from being primarily apolitical to being very political? And very right-wing political? I'd love to know more about how that shift happened.

  2. It is interesting. Maybe the shift occurred during the Moral Majority days of the 1980s?

    Dad used to say he wouldn't post a political sign in our yard, because he wanted to be able to reach out to both Democrats and Republicans with the gospel.

  3. I guess in have never noticed the Church being political at all. In our current congregation and ur former one in Texas there seemed to be plenty on democrats.

  4. Good point. I believe this is likely different depending on location and congregation.

    It seemed like in the Searcy/Harding culture, it was okay to vote for Democrats in the '70s (like Jimmy Carter), but maybe not as acceptable later on. I remember hearing one sermon at the College Church that was slightly political (and I totally agreed with it!) ... and I remember having one teacher at Harding U who was vocally anti-Bill Clinton. I have voted for a few Democrats through the years, but have very few "evangelical" Christian friends who voted the same way.

  5. Isn't it funny, though, no matter how many times people vote for candidates who are against abortion or gay marriage that nothing ever changes about them? You mean to tell me that for 20 of the past 30 years we've had Republican (and therefore, supposedly, anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage) presidents and we STILL have legal abortions and gay marriage about to be legalized everywhere??

    Sounds like people who voted for those things aren't getting what they wanted.