Monday, September 19, 2011

The Good Stuff

This old photo of my Dad, my neighbor Dale, and me is one of my favorites.  We’re at a Harding event, maybe around 1969 or so.  Dad is shelling out some dough.  I’m guessing it’s for a “Coke” (all sodas were called “Coke”) or maybe for some popcorn.

I come across this picture in “volume one” of my old photo albums.  It reminds me of the good stuff I left behind in Searcy, Ark.  (And yes, I still remember the sign that hung in the old Harding post office.  It went something like this:  “There’s no place I’d rather be, than 72143.”)

The good stuff:
  • Cruising around town on my red Schwinn bike
  • Waking up on fall Saturday mornings to the sounds of the Harding College band as they practiced at the football field (just a block away)
  • Running around Harding Park, screaming like crazy with the other kids of Harding employees
  • Getting my first Harding Academy t-shirt with a Wildcat on the front and “ALLEN” printed on the back
  • Going to VBS, potlucks, Bible classes, gospel meetings, and about a million worship services at the College Church

I felt a strong sense of community in that place.  I look back, and I miss it sometimes.


  1. Hi there Mike. So glad I learned of your book and blog this evening. I was a Freshman at Harding in the 68-69 school year. Your Dad and mine are good friends. I've many pleasant memories of your Dad. I'm going to order your book.

  2. Thanks a bunch, Steve! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about Love Wins, etc. Best wishes to you and your family.