Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What the world needs now … is one more blog?


I’m a dork.  I know that.  I journal and collect things and hold onto memories and forget lots of other stuff. 

And now I’m planning to blog, for about a year, about growing up in the Church of Christ (and about some other stuff).  And maybe I’ll go for longer, if it proves helpful.  Or I might throw in the towel by Christmas, if it doesn’t.

But I think I’ll keep it up.  You see, I’ve been logging thoughts for awhile.  And I believe this is bigger than my own middle-aged vision of what the CofC was.  I believe it’s about our common experiences (for those of us who grew up in conservative evangelical circumstances).  It’s the story of US.

So stop by and take a look when you have a chance, or sign up for the feed.  Your input is welcome, but remember to sprinkle your words with some grace.  I will too.

By the way, I am not a bitter CofC-backgrounded guy.  I’ve had some wonderful experiences along the way.  Maybe you have too?  But I’ll admit … there were some bumps in the road.

Thanks for checking in.  I’ll post again soon, and I’ll plan on including some other voices.  Maybe even the voices of some of the womenfolk?  Are you okay with that?


  1. We are The church
    We are The church
    We are The church with a little "c"
    We are The church with a capital WE

    I'll ignore your smart alec remark about womenfolk.

    I look forward to this Mike! From Ralph Mc

  2. Good stuff, Ralph. How did you know the "womenfolk" remark was tongue-in-cheek?

  3. Well, by your definition there's no doubt I'm a dork, too, though I never associated those things with dorkhood. Maybe among womenfolk the definition is different. Anyway, good thing I hold onto stuff--I still have the things I started writing for you....well, how long ago? I'm not sure. So I guess I'll keep trying to finish it....May God work for good through this endeavor of yours.

  4. Thanks, Sheila. How about “eccentrics?” Better?

  5. I knew it was satire because:
    1. You were taught to think for yourself.
    2. I just knew!
    3. You have your hair and Cheryl would have snatched you
    bald a long time ago if you were a male snob (with
    or without the "n").