Saturday, October 15, 2011

3 Times a Week

I attended church services and/or Bible classes 3 times a week for over 32 years.  That’s close to 5,000 assemblies (not counting gospel meetings and vacation Bible schools).  But there was one time, I had another idea…

We played in Harding Park on Sunday afternoons.  War games or sports games. Running around in the wide open spaces with the other kids from the neighborhoods.  Sweating and yelling like crazy.

At about 3:30, moms would stick their heads out of doors, calling for their boys and girls to come home and get ready for the 4:00 church service. The park would be mostly deserted after that.

On one afternoon when the calls came, I decided not to run home. Not at 3:30 or 4:30 or even 5:30. I just put my head down and kept on playing. I was having too much fun. I would have kept on going too, right through the “late service”--the 6:00 evening worship service--if Dad hadn’t driven over to the park to find me … if he hadn’t rolled down the window of our car and shouted, “Hey, boy, hop in!  We’re going to church!” 

Yeah, if Dad hadn’t come by and picked me up, I might still be playing in the park right now.


  1. You probably would've gotten more good out of it too.

    Thanks for sending Al Maxey a link to your site. I'm enjoying reading your blog!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Jamey! I remember sitting in church that night ... bummed that I wasn't playing in the park AND that I was missing my favorite tv show, The Wonderful World of Disney.

  3. Those "Wonderful World of Disney" promos were so appealing. I was jealous of all those lucky non-church kids. In the early 70s, Elvis did a Sunday-night concert from Hawaii that was broadcast "VIA SATELLITE." This was in a league of its own, and I had to play sick. Yeah, I felt a little guilty about it. But I'd probably do it again.

  4. This is classic, Frank. We knew we were lucky at the College Church, because the 4:00 "early service" allowed us to see the Wonderful World of Disney every week. The big joke on Super Bowl Sunday (when the game used to start at about 3:00, I think): You could go to "early service" and watch the 2nd half ... or you could go to "late service" and watch the 1st half ... but you COULD NOT watch both halves!

  5. When I was probably around 8 I remember on a Wednesday night going out to dinner early for church and driving by a house in which some boys were playing a game of catch. "OOOOHHHH...they're in trouble! They're not going to church!" Dad reminded me that it was only 5:30 and church didn't start for another hour and a half, so they were OK.

  6. That's funny, David. I usually had to head home before the other kids, because it took me longer to get ready for church. (I was always slow at shoe tieing.)