Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bible Class Field Trip

Mom taught our 3rd or 4th grade Wednesday night Bible class. She prepared for the class like crazy, planning craft activities, flannel board stories, memory verse posters, and film strip lessons. You name it, she did it. She even wrote weekly letters and mailed them to us. (Most of our parents were connected to Harding College, so the correspondence traveled through Campus Mail for free.) One of Mom’s letters was written backwards, like a passage from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, so we had to hold it up to a mirror to read it. That was kind of cool.

Later in the year, on a summer Wednesday night, Mom piled all of us into a couple of cars and took us over to her co-teacher’s house. At the door, the robed co-teacher told us she was Lydia, seller of purple. Inside the home, the women served us a Bible meal—okay the lentils weren’t so hot—and taught us the story of Lydia from a first-person perspective. It was an awesome night.

Can you imagine breaking out of Bible class for a field trip? The freedom of that?

Fulltime mom, part-time Bible class teacher.

Of course, from a completely objective point of view, Mom was my favorite Bible class teacher.  With that said, here are some folks who would get an honorable mention nod:

* Coach Larry Richmond (5th or 6th grade boys-only) … kept class fun with Bible bowls and quizzes.

* Mr. Bob Alexander (9th grade) … captured our attention with lessons about “preparing for adolescence.”

* Mr. Ben Berry and Dr. Bill White (11th grade) … with engaging personalities, they showed us that the Bible was relevant.

Who would you nominate?


  1. Ken Spoor...."How does that make you feel?" I went on two trips to New Hampshire with him and Kathy, so got to know them better than most of our teachers.

  2. Wow--trips to New Hampshire ... what a great experience. I'm sure you got to know them well (especially if you drove!).

  3. Your mom would definitely be toward the top of my list. Mona Lee Garner and Peggy Kemp co-taught our girls' class in seventh grade and they did a great job. I've told many people that their class was when I learned to really pray. Peggy was also the first person I knew whose search for Biblical truth wound up taking her somewhere other than a Church of Christ and I've never forgotten her explanation: "We feel like we've found a church that's closer to biblical truth."

    That was mind-boggling back then.

  4. I was sharing about my favorite Bible class teachers with my wife Cheryl. She said, "Where are all the women?" ... and I said, "We (the boys) didn't have any women teachers after 4th grade, and it's hard to remember my teachers before then." It's a shame. I think we could have benefited from some couples-teaching in learning how to pray, etc. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  5. I remember Ben Berry teaching the High School class when I was a Sr. He was funny and creative. He helped me think about how the gospel related to real living.