Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Preaching the Word

As kids, we used to sit up front during gospel meetings.  Up-front was where the action was, especially during the invitation song.  It was exciting to see the pews fill up as people came forward for baptism or prayer.

Dad often recalls a meeting at the College Church, sometime in the 1970s, when over 100 people were baptized.  The responders included several members of the Harding College basketball team.  I have this memory—maybe it’s real or maybe it’s imagined—of men as tall as trees, walking down the aisles.


In the past couple of years, people have told me about “preachers” who've had a positive impact on their lives.  The list includes:

·         Francis Chan
·         Gabe Lyons
·         Jim Bill McInteer
·         Jim Woodroof
·         Joe Beam
·         John Ortberg
·         Kristy Thomas (see below)
·         Landon Saunders
·         Mike Cope
·         Rod Stafford

Who would make your list?


Cheryl writes:
During my high school years, Kristy Thomas led the women’s prison ministry at our church. We went to the jail week after week, and I saw the Holy Spirit at work in the life of Kristy and in the lives of the women she was teaching.

Kristy died 10 years ago on my birthday. I’m sure Jesus was glad to finally meet this woman who’d told so many other people about Him.


  1. I remember Don Davis from Texas preaching on The Valley of Gehenna, back when my husband and I first started going to the Church of Christ.

  2. Thanks, Mary. The Valley of Gehenna ... I think I'd remember that sermon too. :)

  3. Ok, I'll show my age here - Growing up in Flint MI, I was blessed to have 'sat at the feet' of many ministers who made a difference in my life. Probably the most impact was made by AJ & Vodie Kerr. Vodie started the first Tabitha group in our area which Freddie Wheeler continued after she left. Others who had a huge impact on me were Gary Turner (not offically a minister) Terry & Norma Ruth Blake, Jimmy Allen, Marshall Keebler (wow - talk about sitting in awe! that man could preach!) Martel Pace, Charles Lennard (might not be spelling his name right) I'm sure I'm leaving others out but those names are always ones that come to mind. I remember AJ having challened the congregation to have 1000 at VBS; we hit the mark and AJ immediately flipped up on his hands to fulfill his promise - he walked down the center asile on his hands! everyone stood up to see him better - those of us who were teens even stood on the pews to catch a peek! Gary served often as our youth minister, taking us on mission trips and answering some very deep Biblical questions during very difficult times - disfellowshipments. Terry Blake - wow, what to say! He introduced the concept of showing love to each other, able to read and speak the Bible in the original language - often answering questions in the original language then saying (with his hands acting as quotation marks) loosely translated that means... His messages always delivered in love...

  4. Thank you! This is great stuff. Preachers who walk on their hands (joy) and deliver messages in love -- awesome!