Monday, January 23, 2012

After the Potluck

The kids gather in the auditorium after the potluck meal.  It’s dark, but there’s still enough light to see.

They decide to play church.

Who will do the announcements?  Who will lead the singing?  Who will preach?

The kids divide into two groups, boys in one and girls in the other.  The girls move over to sit on the front pew.

The boys argue for awhile over who will do the announcements.  This appears to be the most coveted position.

And the church service begins.

The boys sit on the stage and the girls remain quietly in their pew.

The oldest boy makes the announcements, and there are scattered giggles from the audience.  He’s a funny guy.

Another boy leads a couple of songs, and the girls all sing loudly.  Beautifully.  They certainly know how to carry a tune.

Two boys serve communion, and everyone pretends to break off pieces of the bread and eat them.  Even the kids who haven’t been baptized are allowed to participate.

The sermon is a short one, and then the group heads back into the fellowship hall to meet up with families.

The boys and the girls mix together on their way out of the auditorium.  Equals again.

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