Monday, January 30, 2012

In My Culture ... by Cheryl Allen

In my culture
We get skinned knees
and sunburn
and we have plenty of time to play outside
as long as we’re home by supper
We mostly eat meat, potatoes and
one green vegetable
and we drink sweet tea with lemon
We say “Yes maam” and “No maam”
but not “ain’t”
or bad words like “stupid”
We know our neighbors
and we borrow sugar from them sometimes
We have little gardens in back of our house
and we hang laundry out to dry in summer
Our dogs run wild and get so dirty
that we can only pet them with our feet
We all help clean the house on Saturday mornings
and stay for potluck meals after Sunday church
We try not to get sick during the week
because someone will have to stay home from work
to take care of us
We go to high school football games on Friday nights
and learn to drive stick shift when we’re teenagers
We still get spankings when we’re bad
and no one really tucks us in
because everyone is real tired by that time
Under cotton sheets and homemade quilts
we whisper silent prayers
as we drift off to sleep

Mama, baby Cheryl, and Benay.


  1. AWWW!!!! Love it! How sweet and special are the memories! Thank you for sharing. Cheryl, I love your poems! and I love you!

  2. Cheryl, this brings back so many good memories. Our family really had a good time. I'm glad Berney was there to keep you and Benay in line! ha ha We stayed so busy I sometimes wonder how we got everything done. There was always something - basketball, football, baseball, volleyball, cheering - but it was fun. Thanks for the reminder of good, loving times.


  3. Hey sweet long lost cousin! So glad I found you and your sweet poem/words. I. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT! Hope all is well with you and yours...give everyone my love. I've requested to follow you on facebook :)