Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Remembering Uncle Claude

On Saturday, I attended a funeral service for my Uncle Claude in Searcy, Ark.  He was a minister of the gospel for a long, long time.  He loved the church, his family, and music.

My cousin Tim shared a story about Uncle Claude.  It went something like this:

During Claude and Madge’s early years of marriage, my aunt would say, “Claude, I love you. Now tell me those three words I want to hear.”

“Fix my supper!” my uncle would jokingly reply.

But later on, in the final years of their marriage, my aunt would say, “I love you,” and my uncle wouldn’t give her three words … he’d give her four.

“I love you more,” he’d reply.
Finishing the race.

Keeping the faith.

And, mostly importantly, loving to the very end.

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