Saturday, March 17, 2012

VBS snacks

I loved Vacation Bible School snacks. Especially the “pop.” I can’t believe they let us drink pop.

At Downtown church, a man would roll out 10-oz bottles in wooden crate cases, with a square slot for each bottle. We’d take out full bottles, and then later put our empties back into the cases. I think the man worked for a soda company. I think Downtown had a soda hook-up.

My favorite flavor, of course, was Grape Crush. We never had this at home. So while other kids were shaking up their bottles and spraying everyone around with the fizz, I was protecting mine and drinking every drop.


My cousin Jon told me this story about his dad …

One day, back in the late 1920s or early 1930s, Uncle Claude (who was a little boy at the time) was outside playing with his sisters. A trash collector stopped by their house and invited the kids to VBS. He said there would be good snacks there.


The kids hardly ever had treats and were excited to check out VBS. And, after the VBS, Claude’s parents came out to church as well.

The entire family would eventually come to know Christ … all because of a kind invitation from a trash collector.

And VBS snacks.

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