Sunday, April 8, 2012

Salvation in Mexico

Dad and I went on several fishing trips to Mexico. On the first one in about 1974, we drove south from Tucson after Dad had preached a gospel meeting. We rode along in a borrowed truck, pulling a borrowed boat on a borrowed trailer.

At some point in the journey, we got a flat tire on the truck or trailer. Dad stopped in a Mexican village to have the tire repaired. In the village, we saw a cute teenage girl walking down the street. Dad pointed her out to me, shook his head and said, “That girl doesn’t have a dog’s chance of being saved.”

I nodded. Very sad indeed.

The point, as my 8-year-old brain understood it, was that this girl (and everyone in her village) could not come to know Jesus, because there was not a Church of Christ nearby. That God could not reach out and touch their lives.

Nowadays, I might disagree with Dad. I might say something like ... “I believe God is able.”

My brother Jimmy and me, visiting Old Tucson before our trip to Mexico.


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