Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turning over the keys

For some reason, my mind keeps coming back to certain themes.  Church-of-Christ related themes.  I don’t know why.  The Holy Spirit?

And one of these pesky themes happens to be “women’s role in the church.”

It’s weird, because my family now goes to a church where women are fully integrated into the church staff and worship structure.  But there are times, when a woman stands up and shares something, that I don’t feel 100% comfortable.  I mean, I like it … but I’m not always comfortable with it. 

And so I wanted to ask some other CofC-backgrounded people what they thought about this.  And by people, I mean women.  Because here’s the deal … growing up, I heard a few men talk about women’s role in the church, but I never heard a woman talk about it—publically or privately.  Never.

So I sent out a few Facebook messages and emails, and I got a few positive responses.  And I got a few I’ll-think-about-its too, because this takes a little bit of courage—especially for someone who rose from girlhood to womanhood in the Church of Christ.

And I’m glad for any response … to hear that other people are thinking, asking questions, engaged.  This encourages me, whatever the individual’s thoughts might be.

So, beginning tomorrow night (Lord-willing), I’m turning over the keys of my blog to a bunch of good people—women drivers.

I’m looking forward to being silent … and to hearing them speak.


  1. I'm 55 years old, was raised in the CoC and now attend the Christian Church. I have to admit I am uncomfortable with women participating in the worship service. Just this morning one of the female members of our praise team read scripture in front of the congregation, and I couldn't help but ask myself was that necessary? I think as long as there enough men available in the church there are other "jobs" that women can do that don't involve speaking in front of a mixed group. I'm not saying I think it's a sin; I'm just saying I feel more comfortable having a man in those types of roles. Maybe I'm old fashioned.

    1. I hear you. I will say, I'm getting more and more comfortable with all of this. We have a woman at our church who leads singing and prays ... and she's amazing.

  2. Interesting. We just had a conversation yesterday on the difference between corporate worship versus every day worship. As a home educator, I feel that Bible study and worship should be part of our every day routine. As a mother of two girls, I want them to know that they can worship every day. As my friend stated yesterday, if I as a woman am not leading the worship in my home, then I am not doing my job as a wife. I have tried teaching my daughters that it is okay to speak up in a Bible class, that it's okay to lead prayers in front of their daddy. I personally am still trying to learn the balance between what is alright in family and what is alright in "church."

    1. Good thoughts, Melinda. It sounds to me like you are going about it in a great way!