Sunday, January 6, 2013

Using our talents

Brenda is an LPN with a master’s degree in healthcare administration.  She currently works in San Antonio, Texas as a nursing supervisor.


I was raised in the Church of Christ, but have escaped the need to worship only in buildings labeled “Church of Christ.” I began questioning my religious upbringing in high school, and once I moved away from home, I chose not to attend church. I had grown tired of the legalistic views associated with the Churches of Christ, and I had been raised not to attend anywhere else. It has only been in the last eight years that I’ve chosen to attend church regularly, and those years have not always found me paying attention to the signage on the building. Those years taught me that the talents of women should be utilized in leadership roles within the church.

Where am I with women's role in the church today? Well, I think women can have leadership roles, because otherwise who will ever teach girls to grow up and have active roles in the church?  The congregation I attended in Tennessee—on one occasion—took an hour of Bible study time and devoted it to gender leadership.  During this hour, women had a service separate from the men.  Young women led the devotional. This was awesome because it taught young women to be comfortable leading singing, reading Bible verses and praying in front of others.

Talent needs to be used (from my perspective) where it can be best used. One of the Churches of Christ I attended in San Antonio had a lady leading singing. Mind you, the service was a capella, but the lady stood up front the same as a guy would have and led singing.  I thought it no different than a woman leading a praise band at any other church.

Some women’s roles (like serving communion, leading a prayer or preaching a sermon) take me out of my comfort zone.  I'm not sure why that is.  For years, I was not comfortable with a female military chaplain leading a prayer in public.  I think I'm over that now.

I heard my grandmother tell a story once of my grandfather conducting a gospel meeting. Grandmother had taught a class that morning and later (as I remember it) one of the girls asked Grandmother if she would baptize her.  Grandmother said she would, but that there was also a gospel preacher available to do it.

I like seeing women have a more active role in the church for service to others. We all have our talents, and they should be used accordingly.

I'm not quite sure how I got to where I am with women's roles in the church. I think attending a Christian Church in Fairbanks, Alaska played a huge role in me getting comfortable with it and with seeing that it's really okay for us to step up and do a variety of things. At that church, women prayed the opening prayer, and we read scriptures when lighting the Advent candles, etc.


  1. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life was when I was visiting a church in San Francisco (yes, a church of Christ) and two women baptized a woman they had been studying with.

    Brought tears to my eyes. It was a sacred moment and remains a sacred memory to me.

  2. Lisa, if there were a "like button," I'd click it. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.