Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Around the Horn

Yes, I know this is the name of an ESPN sports show.  But we were using it long before them.  In baseball or softball, of course.  When we took the final ground balls of infield practice, then we’d go “around the horn.”  From catcher to third to second to short and then over to first.  (Or the less fancy version of third to short to second to first.)  And, ever since, the term has stuck in my brain for some reason.  Going around the horn.  One last go-around. 

Maybe someday, this will be a regular column … like Rachel Held Evans’ “Sunday Superlatives.”  Maybe in the fall, when Cheryl and I have our kids off to college, and we are officially empty-nesters.  But for now, it’s just a quick look at web stuff that’s been of interest to me.  And if you grew up Church of Christ, or conservative evangelical, or in the South, or some variation of that … then you might see some things to your liking as well.

So let’s go around-the-horn, a few easy tosses beginning with …

Francis Chan ‘unloaded his heart’ at Tulsa Workshop” … loved this title and post by Erik Tryggestad for The Christian Chronicle:

“I believe we want the same thing,” Francis Chan told a packed arena at the Tulsa Fairgrounds in Oklahoma. “I see this fire coming from this denom — do you even call it a denomination?” …

Pepperdine introduces LGBT scholarship” by Genevieve Chong in the Pepperdine University Graphic:

Pepperdine has officially announced a new scholarship for students who have demonstrated a commitment to the LGBT community. The scholarship ... will be awarded to students “whose academic or personal involvement have demonstrated a commitment to the health of the LGBT community.” …

Tweet of the Week … by Donald Miller:

“Show me a controlling person and I'll show you a person who is secretly afraid.” - @donaldmiller

John Mark Hicks, a professor at Lipscomb U and clearly a man with 2 brains (which I mean as a compliment) blogs “19th Century Middle Ground: Women in the Assembly”:

The practice of northern “Churches of Christ” … encouraged women to pray audibly, exhort the congregation and participate in the leadership of the song service. This pervasive practice among northern congregations was ultimately overwhelmed by the practice of the more dominant southern “Churches of Christ” who regarded any public role by women as unseemly and unbiblical…

And a little bit more about Francis C from Wes Woodell’s blog titled “A Tremendously Blown Opportunity to Work with Francis Chan”:

Not only did I get to meet Francis and spend some time with him, he actually offered to help with the college ministry and wanted to help me start a weekly meeting on Friday nights to reach students using my church’s facility – his idea, not mine!

He even wanted to bring Chris Tomlin over to get things kicked off – how cool is that?!

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t happen…

And last, but not least, a video about a couple from our church who adopted a little girl and then dedicated her to the Lord.  If you like adoptions or God or babies, then you will probably enjoy this.  (Just click on the pic.):

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