Sunday, April 21, 2013

A few words about same-sex marriage

I was surfing Facebook a few weeks ago—over spring break—and noticed a handful of people who’d changed their profile pictures to an = sign, a show of support for same-sex marriage.  Then I noticed that some of these people—these Facebook people with the = sign—had attended my old alma mater, Harding University.  And not just one or two Harding alums.  I didn’t look extremely hard … and I found … 25.  Now this had my interest.

You see, I’m not completely comfortable with same-sex marriage … and I don’t fully support same-sex marriage … but there is something deep inside of me that feels sympathetic toward it.  I think it’s that part of me that’s sensitive to fairness.  And I have a couple of friends who are gay.  Maybe that affects my perspective as well.  I know, when there’s a “hot-button” issue like this, it’s easy to pick sides without hearing the other person’s perspective … without hearing his or her story.  I wanted to hear the stories. 

So—when the dust in my mind had settled—I decided to ask these Harding alumni for their thoughts.  Why do they believe what they believe?  Why do they unabashedly proclaim their support for same-sex marriage?  And in this case, I was fortunate.  A good number of the 25 were willing to share.  I’ll be posting their thoughts soon (Lord willing)—once or twice a week.  I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to say.


  1. Mike,
    Thanks for being willing to host these stories and thoughts. It's good to have this issue talked about openly.

    Bob Perkins, HU alum 1976-1980

  2. Thanks for the note, Bob. God bless.