Sunday, June 30, 2013

Daydream believer

I have this dream.  Actually, it’s more of a daydream.  About dying.

I’m lying in bed with clean sheets pulled up around my neck.  Sunshine is coming in through the window, splashing my gray head and stubbly chin.

I’m wearing a comfortable pair of boxer shorts.

I can hear the sound of a train in the distance … and a marching band.  I open my eyes and Jesus is standing right there beside me.  He smiles and takes my hand.

“Ready?” he says.

“Ready.”  I say.

“Well then, come on.  Let’s go up to the mountain of the LORD.”

And we go up, full of energy and hope.  Hand-in-hand, we go up … together.


Sun streaming through the
window, my carpet is warm
enough for bare feet.

~ Matthew Quick in Sorta Like a Rock Star

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