Monday, August 12, 2013

Conga line

This picture is tacked up on the wall of my cubicle.  I picked it up at a museum photo display.  It was free, and I liked it, and now I look at it every day.  (Weekday, that is.)

The picture captures, as all pictures do, a moment.  This one is a speck of time from August 1945.  World War II had finally come to a close, and people were gathering across the street from the White House to celebrate … together with strangers.

And what did this group of soldiers, sailors, clerks and children do?  Well, they formed a Conga line of course.

And in that moment, with hands on hips and grins as wide as America, they danced.  Ba, ba, ba, kick!  Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba kick!

I love this snapshot.  I wish I’d been there, an easy three-block walk from my office.  I imagine myself swallowing my shyness and my fear of looking foolish … and just hopping into line with everyone else.  (See, that’s me in the back, the gray-haired guy with fedora and two-fingered victory sign.)

I might have even hugged a sailor or two before all was said and done.


There are days when everything changes, and this was one of those days. ~ Rebecca Stead in When You Reach Me


Wondering how to start your own Conga line?  Well, I’m glad you asked …

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