Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remembering Shin

Sometimes, you don’t realize the impact someone has on your life until many years later.

I remember my first conversation with Shin Shishido.  He was a transfer student to Harding Academy from Japan, and three of us boys stood around one afternoon, talking in Mr. Brown’s classroom.

I didn’t understand a word Shin said.  He was still learning English. 

Shin’s English improved quickly, and we became friends during high school and college.  He was one of those people I didn’t know very well, but who I liked very much.  He was a person with a good aura.  His laughter and smile were infectious.

I recently heard that Shin had passed away.  Although I hadn’t seen him for over 20 years, I felt sadness for his family and for the rest of us who’d known him.

But I will always remember Shin …

As a terrific second baseman
As a kind and courageous man who survived a tsunami
As a husband and father
As one of the good guys


  1. Over the past several weeks I have reminisced with Hank, Doyne, my parents, and my own family about Shin. As you can imagine us Subbers could be brutal in our teasing. Shin gave as well as he received. Always with a smile and never taking himself too seriously. Some of my best memories of laughter and fun at Harding revolved around my brothers. Shin Shishido was one of my brothers.

  2. I was very sad to read about Shin. I do remember him well and am very sorry to hear of his death. Thanks Mike for passing on the note. I know so many have fond memories of Shin and I hope that his family takes some comfort in that after all these years he is still thought of.