Saturday, October 12, 2013

A good neighbor

Have you ever had a good neighbor?

We had a very good neighbor in Connecticut named Sunny.

Sunny lived across the street from us with her dachshund Sparky, and Monique, a wily old cat.

We’d see Sunny and Sparky outside all the time, going for walks or working in their yard.  Sparky was a handsome little guy, sleek and a bit longer than a football.  It’s hard to say that Sparky went for walks.  It would probably be more accurate to say he went for waddles.  And he was as happy and spirited as the day is long.

Our kids loved Miss Sunny and Sparky and, of course, Monique.  Kate enjoyed her “first job”—pet sitting for Sunny—and there was always a special bond between our neighbor and our little girl.  We were reminded of this each year during SPECIAL PERSONS D­­­­AY at Wolcott Elementary School.  (SPECIAL PERSONS DAY, by the way, was code for Grandparents Day.)  Since our children didn’t have any grandparents nearby, Kate immediately drafted Miss Sunny as her SPECIAL PERSON (while Cal got stuck with me).

Thinking about Kate tromping through the school hallways with Sunny … well, that memory still holds a warm place in my heart.  You couldn’t tell they weren’t related.  They looked just like family.

And as for Sunny … well, she will forever be a SPECIAL PERSON to all of us.

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