Monday, July 7, 2014

Rainy Days
From the 1973 Petit Jean

At Harding Elementary,

my 2nd grade classroom

and my 6th grade classroom


the same classroom.

Coatracks in the hallway outside the door.

Classroom library tucked away in the back corner.

A large bank of windows along the western wall.

My strongest memories, of that room, are of rainy days.

I mean stormy,

dark clouds, and lightning days.

Raindrops pelting the windows like bullets.

The sound of it so loud

you could hardly hear the teacher.

Dark and scary on the outside,

but warm and cozy on the inside.


Like resting in the hand of God.

Feeling happy, calm and protected

when the whole world was coming apart

on the other side of the glass.

I loved those rainy days

with Mrs. Alston or Mrs. Alexander


just a few steps away.


that life can be good

even in the midst of a storm.


  1. Were we really in the same room for second grade? Somehow I don't even remember where we were for second grade. But this picture is first grade, I remember that well. You're taking a bit of poetic license there, MIke. :-) P.S. I love your thoughts.

    1. Ha! That is a first grade pic! It was too good to pass up. :-)

  2. So now I'm wondering....where did sixth-graders meet when we were in second grade? That's so weird. I remember every classroom except second grade.

    1. The class just ahead of us met upstairs for 6th grade. (I think in the room where we eventually had 7th grade history.)

  3. Thanks for filling in some gaps in my memories! And I do love this image of being safe in the storm. I'll remember that.