Sunday, April 12, 2015

The good list

One of my favorite phrases is … “We remember things for a reason.”  I have stolen this from someone, but I’m not sure who.  If it’s you … well, thank you.


Cheryl and I were talking one morning about good things we remembered from church throughout the years.  We only had a few minutes, because Cheryl was getting ready to meet our daughter Kate for brunch, and I was getting ready to work on our taxes.

If you ever need an example of how life is not fair … well, there you have it.

Here’s our quick-list of good things, in no particular order.  It could be longer, we just need more time.  Maybe we’ll work on it some more, after the taxes are done.

“Life is a marathon.”  A friend of mine, Eddie, shared this with me at just the right time.  Cheryl and I were feeling a little burned out—spiritually.  We’d been sprinting for a year or two.  We were fully living the philosophy of “It’s better to burn out than rust out.”  Eddie took me aside one day and said, “Hey, Mike, life is a marathon.  Take care of yourself and your family.  Pace yourself.  It’s a long journey.”  Amen, brother.

“God thinks you rock!”  Yes, with an exclamation point!  Repeat after me.  GOD THINKS YOU ROCK!  Our preacher mentioned this a while back, and I must say, I’d never thought about such a thing.  Not only did God love me … but He also really liked me.  W-o-w.

Everybody’s got something big going on.  Everybody.  Me.  You.  They.  Even if we don’t share it.  Even if we don’t act like it.  There’s usually something big brewing … an addiction … a family issue … a loss.  We all need understanding and grace.

“We love you.  We need you.  We can’t live without you.”  A staple line in prayers by our friend Mark.  This line cuts two ways … expressing our love and need for God and also for other people in our lives—community.  We can’t live without it.

“Take up your corner of the mat.”  From a recent sermon about the four Bible guys who tore a hole in a roof and lowered their friend—a paralyzed man—down into a house for Jesus to heal.  I’ve probably heard this story a hundred times (a conservative estimate) … and have even seen it on a flannel graph board a time or two, but had never thought about it this way … that I could serve by just taking a corner of the mat. By just doing a small thing.  I don’t have to lower a man by myself or build a charity from the ground up.  I just need to grab a corner and serve.  I can do that.

How about you?  What makes your list of “good” things?