Monday, June 29, 2015

Answered prayer

I’ve been in a couple of Bible study groups

Where the leader asks

Who would like to share about a time when God answered your prayer?

And I have a go-to story for a question such as this

Want to hear it?


In the summer before my junior year of college

I was hanging out at a friend’s house

Sitting in his living room, watching TV

When he looked over at me and said

I heard that Cheryl Waite and her boyfriend broke up

Huh, I said

But, now that I think about it

It was probably more of a Hmm than a Huh

And from that day forward

I began to pray that Cheryl Waite would be my wife

Weird, I know

But I did it anyway

Prayed like a champion

Until the fall

When I was hanging out in my dorm

On the very first day of the semester

The very first day, mind you

And Cheryl Waite walked by

After helping some guy carry his stuff down the hall

Cheryl Waite

The Cheryl Waite

And she gave me a smile

And a side hug

And a How was your summer?

And, as they say

The rest is history.


"She was riding along a red dirt ridge to the south sitting with her hands crossed on the pommel ... That's my heart yonder, he told the horse." - Cormac McCarthy in No Country for Old Men

Monday, June 8, 2015

Is Heaven for Real?

Ever since Mom passed, I’ve been thinking more and more about heaven

What’s it like?

What’s she doing up there?

Not too long ago, I pictured heaven like it was right out of the book of Revelation

Streets of gold, pearly gates, the whole nine yards

I’m not kidding

Now I’m not so sure

I have my moments—even minutes—of doubt about the afterlife

Is heaven for real?

Revelation doesn’t help much

Horsemen, Babylon, the whole millennial idea

It’s hard to tell what everything means

And so I do the only thing I know to do

I turn to Jesus

I put my trust in him

What does he have to say about all this?

Well, as you might imagine, he says a good bit

But, maybe my favorite thing, was on the day he died

When he turned to a criminal next to him and said, Today you’ll be with me in paradise

Letting an underserving guy make it into heaven

Plus a whole lot of other folks you and I know

And Mom

Eternally with the Lord

Well … that’s good enough for me