Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Surgery day

Cheryl in sweatpants and a comfortable top

Me in comfy clothes also

And a baseball cap … this is definitely a day for a baseball cap

The doctor comes in to talk about the thing that will be removed.  He describes it in great detail

And, in the hours leading up to surgery, a bunch of nurses file in and out as well

One of them—a practitioner who’s been shoved out of the way by someone who’s working on the IV—looks over at Cheryl and says, “How are you doing?”

“Pretty good,” Cheryl replies.  And she is doing pretty good, especially for someone who’s about to go under the knife

Then the practitioner looks at me and says, “How about you?  You doing okay?”

Me?  Well, I’m not doing so good

The color has drained from my face.  I know this, because the practitioner tells me so

And it can be blamed on the warmth of the room and the in-depth medical descriptions, but mostly it’s due to anxiety—plain and simple.  I’m worried about my wife

We’re not spring chickens anymore

You never know how these things are going to turn out

The negative tapes in my head are running wild

Even so, a couple of hours later, Cheryl emerges from surgery unscathed (except for a 2-inch incision on her leg)

And this mix of doctors and nurses and God and prayers … well, it carries us through the day

It lifts us up and over another hurdle in the journey



  1. Mike (and Cheryl), I don't know what the surgery was for. But the timing is interesting. I just had surgery on my foot Dec. 30 and am spending most of my time on the couch, keeping the foot up, often refelecting on what all may lie ahead for these bodies of ours. Certainly not feeling like a spring chicken, although the day I began using my "rollabout" in addition to the walker with tennis balls did feel something like a new lease on life. :-) 'll have six weeks of being horizontal as much as possible, so if Cheryl needs a penpal or someone to call and chat with, keep me in mind. (I also hope to get some thesis work done, so I won't be bored....) Praying for healing for Cheryl and for peace of mind and heart. God bless you.

    1. Thanks Sheila! Cheryl got out of her walking boot last Tuesday and is supposed to take it easy for about 4 more weeks. Interesting that you and she have been in similar circumstances. May God bless your healing. Also--side note--saw Mike D this weekend. You know what's coming up for all of us in Feb? :-)