Monday, November 14, 2016

Marriage advice

A while back

Cheryl and I were sitting in the middle of a group

finding ourselves to be the oldest ones in the room

—which for some reason, seems to be happening more and more—

And during a lull in the conversation


—who happens to be 15 years our junior—


Mike and Cheryl, what’s your advice for marriage?

And we laughed

because we almost never get asked this kind of question

Want to hear our response?

(which took us about a week to come up with)

I say, Be faithful to God and be faithful to your spouse

—which sounds kind of preacherish—

and Cheryl adds, Don’t forget to be kind

And you know what?

—Now that I think about it—

in the day-to-day living of marriage

Cheryl’s part 

might be the best advice of all.