Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Walking to school

Out the side door and through the carport

A right turn at the Ganus’ hedge

Tramping over dew-draped grass

and green apples fallen from our neighbors’ trees

Taking a left turn at the Thompson’s hedge

Heading through a narrow path

                under pine trees and past a small compost heap

Making my way into the Jones’ back yard

                where—during hunting season—

                there might be a deer or two

                hanging from a tree

Cutting a diagonal line over to Cross Street

                (which is sometimes busier than you might think)

                and looking both ways

                just like Mom taught me

                on my very first day of first grade

Glancing over at the Harding tennis courts

                to see if anyone’s out playing

Arriving at the playground and the open field

                where we play football or soccer or kickball at recess

Jogging now—if I’m running late

Seeing the high school kids streaming in the back door of their wing

                knowing that my brother and sister are already inside for chorus practice

Moving on to the gravel lane which will take me to the elementary school

Passing the part of the building which houses the little gym

Pulling open a back door and moving quickly down steps

Hearing laughter and shouts of kids in the hallway

Seeing my friends

and my teachers

Being in the place where I belong.

From the 1974 Petit Jean

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