Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mighty to Save

Sitting at the kitchen table, as a kid

surrounded by my family

Sister on one side

Brother and me on the other

Dad at the head of the table

and Mom at the other end

We're eating and discussing

and Dad begins to make a point about the church

“Why, I’d estimate there are about 3 million members,” he says

3 million?

That sounds like a lot to me

but dad explains it’s not really that much, when you consider the population of the world

This is something for me to think about

to ponder

And I do consider it, from time to time, for many years

Why are there so few of us who choose to follow God?

Why only a handful in this great big world?

It affects me, in a way

affects my view of God

If He is so big and so merciful and so powerful

why doesn’t He save more?

And I think about it, until I come up with this …

God is mighty to save

That—way back when—Dad was talking about a portion

one tribe of followers

a part of a larger body

That God is greater than we can imagine

and His kingdom is as well.