Monday, May 15, 2017

This little light

Just after Thanksgiving in 1964

James and Marilyn Allen,

husband and wife,

purchased a plot of land

(lot 67 of the Faculty Addition)

for $1,425.00

from Harding College

The house they built,

completed in 1965,

was ranch-style with 3 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

a kitchen (and small dining area)

a den, living room and storage room

The Allen family,

husband, wife, daughter and son,

moved in

and soon welcomed a new addition

a baby boy, born in 1966

This would be the only home the boy knew

for 23 years

And during the early years

the boy happened to be sick quite a bit

and the dad would sometimes say

“Why you could have made a mountain out of all the pills that boy took.”


“Why you could have floated a ship with all the medicines that boy drank.”

And the boy would remember those times of illness

especially the nights

waking up

sick to his stomach

and creeping outside his parents' bedroom

to call for his mother

And the two of them moving quietly to the kitchen

where the mom would flip on the light above the sink

and begin to calm the boy

by first taking his temperature

and then administering gentle words

and appropriate medications

And the light above the sink

in that small, cookie-cutter house

would cast a warm yellow glow

on top of the mother’s head

and the shoulders of her night gown

And the boy would begin to feel better

almost right away

every time.