Wednesday, November 28, 2018


As a kid I used to enjoy looking through encyclopedias
and old Harding College yearbooks
I’m not sure why

This was always one of my favorite photos of Dad
from the 1950 Petit Jean
(He’s the jumper on the right)
I would ask him about it
and he would say
It looks like we’re battling for the ball
but actually, my opponent has already tipped it
He’s on the way down
and I’m on the way up
He’s tipped it away from me

25 years after the fact
Dad still remembered that night
that game
that tip-off


* Photograph courtesy of Harding College. Petit Jean 1949-1950. Retrieved from

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  1. Your dad will be competitive as long as there is a breath in his body. People are either born with that gene...or not. Love the posts, Mike. And your family.